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Urban Living Labs: a new wave of experimental governance
The coastal city of Panaji will be home to India’s first urban living lab: the Urban Living Lab in Panaji, which is being set up by Tandem Research in partnership with Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited, Oxford Policy Management and The Resources and Energy Institute (TERI). To understand what urban living labs are and why they could be of great significance in the context of Indian cities, some background first. More than half of the global population currently lives in cities, and by...
Book Review: The Smart Enough City
Amidst the cacophony surrounding smart cities, cities could do just fine being ‘smart enough’
COVID-19: The Goan Tourism Industry
We are investigating how tourism is being impacted by the coronavirus crisis and lockdown in Goa
Artificial Intelligence and Future Cities
This report examines various use cases of AI being developed for cities in India, to identify key challenges and risks.
COVID-19: The Goan Fishing Industry
We are investigating how labour is being impacted by the coronavirus crisis and lockdown in Goa.
COVID-19 relief measures for ‘gig workers’ in India
We heard from four union leaders about the situation facing workers on the ground and the shortcomings of the measure’s platforms claim to be taking to ensure their workers’ safety and protection.
Artificial Intelligence and Education in India
This report examines existing and emerging use cases of AI in the education sector in India, and identifies key challenges and risks associated with these use cases.
COVID 19: ‘Ghost workers’ and the content moderation industry
As the global population reacts to the spread of the coronavirus, it is obvious that people are spending more time online.
Artificial Intelligence for Sustainability
This report presents emerging use cases of AI for sustainability in both the global and Indian context.
Future of Work in Sri Lanka: Shaping Technology Transitions for a Brighter Future
What impact will emerging technologies associated with 4IR have on the future world of work in Sri Lanka? Who will be the winners and losers and what can governments industry and citizens to do prepare for these challenges?
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