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Pedestrianisation in Panaji
This report outlines recommendations and pathways for pedestrianization of 18th June Road in Panaji
Nature-based Solutions for Panaji: A Toolkit
This toolkit aims to support planners and urban decision makers on how to implement nature-based solutions in Panaji with lessons for other coastal cities
Reimagining Post COVID Cities: A Gendered Approach
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in new visions for post-COVID cities. These imaginaries have prioritized sustainable development and new ways of work. However, this discourse is devoid of ways to make cities better places to live for women.
World Habitat Day 2021: Why inclusive low-carbon cities are critical for India to mitigate the climate crisis
Policymakers have to take stock of the material politics of the implementation of the low carbon strategies emerging in the Indian context.
Why climate emergency and climate justice can’t go hand in hand
The call for climate emergency is antithetical to the concept of climate justice and formulating action around the idea of ‘emergency’ needs to reflected upon more critically.
There is a Need to Reimagine the Way We Think About our Coastal Commons
The theme of ‘Life and Livelihoods’ one World Oceans Day focuses on the importance ushering in a new era of thinking that supports resilient futures of coastal communities and recognises their contribution to the sustainable management of India’s oceans.
Nature-based solutions hold key for urban India’s sustainable development
Indian cities today are suffering from unsustainable urbanisation, climate change, biodiversity loss and the degradation of ecosystem services.
On World Environment Day, Let’s Reaffirm Our Commitment to Co-Existing with Wildlife
Can we bring ‘nature’ beyond the confines of just projected forests into a city, while allowing the wildlife with it?
Feminist Perspectives on Space, Safety and Surveillance: improving a Woman’s Right to the City
Cities must transition to a rights-based approach addressing social norms and challenges in the built environment to create safe and inclusive public spaces for women.
WorkPlace Monitoring
Workplace Monitoring: Data Collection Practices and Emerging Risks for Low Wage Workers in India
This report analyses data protection issues related to low-income workers in India and suggests pathways towards protecting workers’ data privacy and rights.
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