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Flood Mitigation Plan: Panaji
PULL's thematic plan on Urban Flooding in Panaji analyses its causes and proposes sustainable nature-based solutions for mitigation. The plan outlines a roadmap for achieving resilience, incorporating medium and long-term strategies to transform Panaji into a flood-resilient city.
Inclusive Streets: Inclusivity in Action
Inclusivity in Action is a synopsis of PULL’s work on Inclusive Streets. It highlights the main challenges and recommendations proposed in the Preliminary Report and Implementation Strategy and showcases how these recommendations play out on 18th June Road in Panaji.
White Paper: Developing a Data-Driven Approach
This white paper highlights key barriers and challenges for Panaji to adopt a data driven approach to governance and pathways for successful and responsible adoption
St Inez Creek Rejuvenation Plan
This plan outlines major issues in the planning and management of the St Inez Creek and sets out a broad framework for creating a common vision for the rejuvenation of the St Inez Creek
Inclusive Streets: Implementation Strategy
To improve women’s access to the city of Panaji, PULL developed Inclusive Streets, a gendered public space improvement framework. PULL’s Inclusive Streets Implementation Strategy enhances the pedestrian experience for women in the city.
Inclusive Streets: Preliminary Report
Inclusive Streets is a comprehensive and gendered public space improvement framework for the City of Panaji. This report identifies the main factors that impact the female pedestrian experience in the city and provides general recommendations to make Panaji more inclusive.
Pedestrianisation in Panaji
This report outlines recommendations and pathways for pedestrianization of 18th June Road in Panaji
Nature-based Solutions for Panaji: A Toolkit
This toolkit aims to support planners and urban decision makers on how to implement nature-based solutions in Panaji with lessons for other coastal cities
Reimagining Post COVID Cities: A Gendered Approach
The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in new visions for post-COVID cities. These imaginaries have prioritized sustainable development and new ways of work. However, this discourse is devoid of ways to make cities better places to live for women.
World Habitat Day 2021: Why inclusive low-carbon cities are critical for India to mitigate the climate crisis
Policymakers have to take stock of the material politics of the implementation of the low carbon strategies emerging in the Indian context.
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