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Monsoon Academy: Planning for Climate Resilience in Urban Areas
This Course Handbook from our Monsoon Academy aims to enable individual and group learning on the core concepts, applications and practical toolkit for climate adaptation solutions.
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Human Face of Climate Change, From Risk to Resilience in Indian Cities – A Tale of Three Cities: Agra, Delhi and Panaji
This series of case studies explores the social vulnerabilities that exacerbate climate impacts for communities in three cities: Agra, Delhi and Panaji
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Human Face of Climate Change, From Risk to Resilience in Indian Cities – An Agenda for Policy and Action
Climate change will continue to disproportionately impact vulnerable populations in Indian cities. Policies need to strengthen the agency and capacity of vulnerable communities to absorb, adapt and recover from the adverse effects of disasters without compromising their socio-economic development.
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Human Face of Climate Change, From Risk to Resilience in Indian Cities – Social vulnerability in Informal Settlements
This paper investigates climate change impacts within informal settlements in three Indian cities - Delhi, Agra and Panaji. It shows how vulnerability within these settlements is shaped by a range of social conditions
Feminist Perspectives on the Future of Work in India
In looking at how women will fare in the future of work, a feminist perspective is helpful for investigating power structures and processes of marginalization that impact vulnerable groups’ access to the workforce.
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Future Cities 2040: Policy Lab
The main objective of this Policy Lab on Future Cities 2040: Navigating urban transitions for inclusive, sustainable and resilient futures, was to identify partnerships and to outline a research and advocacy agenda for shaping action on future cities.
AI for All: 10 Social Conundrums for India
The large-scale deployment of AI technologies is still at an early stage in India and impact is hard to identify. This report presents 10 social conundrums for AI trajectories in India, arising from inherent wickedness of IA futures.
Work 2030: Scenarios for India
This study presents four future scenarios pertaining to the likely impact of emerging 4IR technologies on the future of work in India.
The Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age – Technological Innovation and the Future of Work: A View from the South
This brief discusses the structural factors interact with the pace of technological diffusion and skills development in countries of the global South.
Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work in India
This study examines the likely impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) on the Future of Work in India, with a specific focus on job displacement, employment conditions and labour market inequities. 
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