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Hyderabad Floods: How a Global Vision for Indian Cities Has Compromised Liveability
This article looks at how rapid civil infrastructure development has compromised the city’s ability to deal with disasters like floods.
AI on the ground: a snapshot of AI use
This report provides as snapshot of India’s AI ecosystem by examining the existing AI-based products and services across nine key sectors. 
#Cycles4Change: Barriers to a carbon-neutral future
We have been conducting surveys in Panaji to understand barriers to low-cost mobility interventions and to understand citizen’s perceptions around such proposals.
COVID-19 Tech Tools for Public Health
This report provides a review of the technological tools identified to manage public health concerns related to Covid-19 in India.
What Strengthening Working Protection in the Post-Pandemic World Would Entail
Platforms exert high levels of control over delivery workers. It's time they took responsibility for workers' wellbeing
Anticipatory Governance of Solar Geoengineering: conflicting visions of the future and their links to governance proposals
This article identified diverse rationales to call for anticipatory governance of solar geoengineering
Migrant Workers in Goa: Survey Findings and Analysis
This report was written by Tandem Research based on a survey conducted with migrant workers in Goa affected by Covid-19 lockdowns.
In efforts to curb climate change, our oceans remain neglected
Do we have adequate legal and policy frameworks to address these complex issues in protecting our oceans?
The Forest Keepers’ Case
The future of forest conservation is linked to honouring the rights of tribal communities
Reimagining the governance of the Western Ghats
The ecological significance of the Western Ghats and its complex governance challenges
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