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Join the conversation - Transitions Research brings together experts from practise, research and policy to critically reflect on radical transitions and reimagine alternative, sustainable futures in India. In the past, we have hosted and participated in local, national and international events. Check out our upcoming events in our calendar and browse our past events in the library below:



Talking About Transitions: Can AI Help Battle Climate Change in Indian Cities?
Our dialogue, “Can AI Help Battle Climate Change in Indian Cities?” examined the intersection of AI, climate change and urban development in Indian cities.
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Visioning Workshop for Panjim's Net-zero Future
On Saturday, June 8th, Transitions Research, along with the Goa Energy Development Authority (GEDA), conducted a visioning workshop for Panjim’s net-zero future. The purpose of this workshop was to co-create a shared vision for Net Zero Panjim in 2050 that reflects the views of its residents and key stakeholders. Through a series of interactive sessions and activities, participants engaged in creative exercises, discussions, and collaborative activities to explore different aspects of Panjim’s...
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Talking about Transitions: Can We Survive and Thrive in Hotter Cities?
In this dialogue, we hope to delve into the question of adapting to rising temperatures - exploring the role of policy and heat adaptation plans in addressing the uneven impacts of heat in urban communities, as well as the role of cooling technologies, which demand massive energy consumption and compromise our ability to achieve mitigation goals.
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Photo Essay: Insights From Our Imagination Walks
Transitions Research's PULL Net Zero team, along with Tallulah D'Silva's Travelling Dome, organised a series of Imagination Walks in Panaji, Goa, to better understand the visions locals have for the future of their city. Through this photo essay, we communicate our insights and the benefits of walks as a social science research methodology.
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Talking about Transitions: Dialogue #6 - The Future of Nature in Mid-Sized Cities
This episode of Talking about Transitions, explored the future of nature in growing cities and their role in reducing impacts of climate change as well as protecting the needs and aspirations of the vulnerable communities.
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PULL Net Zero Imagination Walks
People’s Urban Living Lab (PULL) and Travelling Dome are hosting a series of Imagination Walks to envision what Panaji’s future looks like. Will we achieve our net zero pledge by 2050? What will our built environment look like? Where will our waste go? What will the role of nature be? Join us for a series of walks from March 15 to 17, 2024 to help us co-create shared visions for the future of our city.
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Talking about Transitions: Dialogue #5 – Digitalisation and the Anthropocene
In this iteration of Talking about Transitions, we examined the role that digital and other emerging technologies, like AI, play in shaping the Anthropocene and our responses to it. What is the digital Anthropocene, why has it become significant, and what are the key trends? We also addressed the question of how digitalisation is shaping climate action, and what are the steps that need to be taken to ensure the responsible utilisation of these technologies. 
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Talking about Transitions: Dialogue #4 - Power and Politics - Imaginaries of Urban Resilience
This Dialogue examines and questions the predominant narratives and visions of resilience in Indian cities. It aims to question whose imaginaries are shaping the future and how novel forms of engagement can provide communities and individuals with an opportunity to co-create and plan their futures. We focus on addressing real trade-offs, where resilience infrastructure has led to displacement and further marginalisation of vulnerable communities, to discover pathways for more inclusive and equitable...
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4S 2023 Panel: The Paradox of Crisis: Interrogating Emergency and Crisis Framing in Climate Infrastructures
Transitions Research hosted a panel at the Society for the Social Studies of Science 2023 meeting that delved into the complexities of the climate crisis and emphasised the need for a critical examination of the idea of crisis and emergency in climate governance. This panel took place on November 12th, 2023, 5:30 am to 6:50 am (IST) / November 11th, 2023, 1:30 pm to 3:20 pm (HST).
Building a Net Zero Scoiety
Talking About Transitions: Dialogue #3- Building a Net Zero Society
Our dialogue, Building a Net Zero Society, took place during Urban October to contribute to discussions on social dimensions of net zero transitions in Indian cities. The event took place on Tuesday, World Cities Day, October 31st, 2023.
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