Talking About Transitions: Dialogue #1 – Urban Living Labs: Innovation for Resilience

Our first dialogue in our series Talking about Transitions was hosted in collaboration with the Global Resilience Partnership. We learnt about the experiences of urban living labs and interrogated their applicability in developing city contexts.

Cities in the Global South require innovative institutional frameworks for climate adaptation decision making that are iterative, adaptive and participatory.  Current centralised arrangements in urban local bodies are unsuitable for resilience planning in light of the obduracy of current urban systems and complexity and uncertainty associated with escalating climate risks. Urban Living Labs (ULLs) have proliferated, particularly in Northern Europe, as a way to test socio-technical innovation in the ‘real life laboratory’ of the city, often in collaboration with technology partners.

This dialogue seeks to learn from the experiences of implementing ULLs in both Europe and India. We aim to both examine their utility in building resilience and supporting planning efforts and also interrogate their applicability and role in addressing climate change in the context of growing cities in the global South.

This event was co-organised with the Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) 

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