Visioning Workshop for Panjim’s Net-zero Future

On Saturday, June 8th, Transitions Research, along with the Goa Energy Development Authority (GEDA), conducted a visioning workshop for Panjim’s net-zero future. The purpose of this workshop was to co-create a shared vision for Net Zero Panjim in 2050 that reflects the views of its residents and key stakeholders. Through a series of interactive sessions and activities, participants engaged in creative exercises, discussions, and collaborative activities to explore different aspects of Panjim’s future and identify common values and priorities. 

The workshop prompted individuals to think of a future that is inclusive and sustainable. The responses from participants reflected the need to find a balance between human development and the conservation of nature. We will soon be publishing a detailed report based on the findings of the visioning workshop, so stay tuned!Glimpses from our workshop on Saturday, June 8, Panjim.

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