Vandana Pusalkar

Vandana Pusalkar, an accomplished architect, has recently completed her doctoral research that focused on Sustainable Waterfront Regeneration. In her research, Vandana has addressed the challenges and opportunities for water-sensitive, ecologically balanced cities in India. Her innovative approaches to urban water management are designed to tackle the issues of rapid urbanization, resource depletion, and climate change impact.Vandana is an advocate for ecologically sustainable solutions and champions social justice, economic viability, and cultural transferability. Her vision is to create water-centric sustainable communities that prioritize ecological balance. Her work plays a significant role in achieving the broader goal of resilient and vibrant cities that are in harmony with their natural surroundings. Overall, Vandana's work is an excellent contribution to the field of sustainable architecture and urban planning. Her research and innovative solutions can help create a better and more sustainable future for our cities and communities.