Artificial Intelligence

Talking about Transitions: Dialogue #5 – Digitalisation and the Anthropocene

In this iteration of Talking about Transitions, we examined the role that digital and other emerging technologies, like AI, play in shaping the Anthropocene and our responses to it. What is the digital Anthropocene, why has it become significant, and what are the key trends? We also addressed the question of how digitalisation is shaping climate action, and what are the steps that need to be taken to ensure the responsible utilisation of these technologies. 

Breaking Things at the Speed of Thought

In the second issue of our AI+ blog series, where we aim to examine the interplay of AI with other facets of our lives, Jon Minton highlights the need to have patience instead of speed in the development of AI to protect the interests of users and optimise AI in building better infrastructures, not threaten the ones we have.

Implications of AI

When algorithms till the land: Speculative futures of AI in Indian agriculture

This blog post examines the human, and social dimensions of AI’s implications in Indian agriculture through two speculative fiction case-studies set in the year 2040. This is part 2 of a 3-part series, where through the narrative of Pravesh, a smallholder farmer in Karnatka, we grapple with the potential trade-offs and dependencies woven into the promise of AI-based technological progress.