Shantha Tara Venugopal

Shantha’s research interests are in equitable development policy and local governance in India. She has explored work in numerous fields under the broad umbrella of development. She has assisted in research on agricultural initiatives in rural Bihar for MIT’s Development Lab. She also previously interned under Transitions Research’s Dr Vikrom Mathur, studying climate justice, data justice and privacy issues.

Shantha is an Albright Fellow’23 and holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Wellesley College.

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Photo Essay: Insights From Our Imagination Walks
Transitions Research's PULL Net Zero team, along with Tallulah D'Silva's Travelling Dome, organised a series of Imagination Walks in Panaji, Goa, to better understand the visions locals have for the future of their city. Through this photo essay, we communicate our insights and the benefits of walks as a social science research methodology.
India Needs an Energy Justice Focus In Its Solar Transition
India Needs An Energy Justice Focus In Its Solar Transition
In her latest blog, Shantha V. addresses the frequently overlooked challenges of climate justice in India’s massive solar parks. Through an analysis of Charanaka solar park in Gujarat, Bhadla solar park in Rajasthan, and Pavagada solar park in Karnataka, she highlights the many risks and opportunities these large infrastructure projects pose.
Urban Heat: The Tradeoffs Between Air Conditioning and Mitigating Climate Change
As India grapples with extreme urban heat, the demand for and usage of air conditioners is skyrocketing. This growth in energy consumption for cooling is harming India’s ambitious net zero targets. How can we combat urban heat while meeting our growing cooling needs more sustainably?