Monsoon Academy

Empowering practitioners with knowledge and tools to drive change

India’s cities need policymakers and practitioners who are ready to tackle deep, complex and structural challenges and can work collaboratively in light of uncertainty to ensure sustainable urban futures. Our Monsoon Academy is a space for co-creation and learning where we empower sustainability professionals with the knowledge and tools to cultivate change.

We bridge the gap between knowledge and praxis to build capacity for leaders to tackle complex challenges with new methods and emerging insights from cutting edge research. Through our courses, we enable participants to:

Place-based Learning

By hosting the Academy in Goa in the midst of the Southwest Indian Monsoon, we seek to enable reflection and learning through immersion and interactive and innovative workshops. Our tranquil setting is conducive to focused learning, creative and critical thinking collaboration as we bring together eager and passionate practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Our 2019 Academy on Urban Resilience

Our Courses

Urban Resilience

Net Zero Cities

Good Relations in Smart Cities