Amita Basu

Amita Basu is a Research Fellow at Transitions. She applies methods of cognitive science and behavioural economics to help design, implement, and assess research studies and field interventions at Transitions. She has worked in qualitative and quantitative psychological research, writing and editing, and as an educator. Her nonacademic writing has appeared in The Penn Review, Bamboo Ridge, Deccan Herald, The Curious Reader, and other venues. Her focus is on using behavioural science to mobilise individual action and activism for environmental conservation. She has a PhD from the Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences (CBCS). Her doctoral work studied the valuation and discounting of nonmarket goods, with a focus on the environmental commons.

Reducing Food Waste in Indian Households
This blog explores the causes of food waste in India; its grave implications for hunger, socioeconomic equity, and climate change; and what steps households can take to minimise food waste.