AI+ blog series

Breaking Things at the Speed of Thought

In the second issue of our AI+ blog series, where we aim to examine the interplay of AI with other facets of our lives, Jon Minton highlights the need to have patience instead of speed in the development of AI to protect the interests of users and optimise AI in building better infrastructures, not threaten the ones we have.

India Needs an Energy Justice Focus In Its Solar Transition

India Needs An Energy Justice Focus In Its Solar Transition

In her latest blog, Shantha V. addresses the frequently overlooked challenges of climate justice in India’s massive solar parks. Through an analysis of Charanaka solar park in Gujarat, Bhadla solar park in Rajasthan, and Pavagada solar park in Karnataka, she highlights the many risks and opportunities these large infrastructure projects pose.

Talking about Transitions: Dialogue #4 – Power and Politics – Imaginaries of Urban Resilience

This Dialogue examines and questions the predominant narratives and visions of resilience in Indian cities. It aims to question whose imaginaries are shaping the future and how novel forms of engagement can provide communities and individuals with an opportunity to co-create and plan their futures. We focus on addressing real trade-offs, where resilience infrastructure has led to displacement and further marginalisation of vulnerable communities, to discover pathways for more inclusive and equitable planning for climate risks. 

Implications of AI

When algorithms till the land: Speculative futures of AI in Indian agriculture

This blog post examines the human, and social dimensions of AI’s implications in Indian agriculture through two speculative fiction case-studies set in the year 2040. This is part 2 of a 3-part series, where through the narrative of Pravesh, a smallholder farmer in Karnatka, we grapple with the potential trade-offs and dependencies woven into the promise of AI-based technological progress.